About US
Vision and Mission

Our Vision

BIHE will be known as a unique Information Technology Institution that has pioneered a philosophy of Information Technology Education and Knowledge that is Indian in culture and character and global in importance.

Our Mission

BIHE will create inspirational Information Technology knowledgeable people and entrepreneurs who will consistently pursue i ndividual and organizational excellence with innovative, intellectual maturity, and social responsibility.

BIHE will advance in management thinking and practices that draw upon the best in Indian wisdom are successful in dealing with change and the present marketplace, and effective and complete in wealth creation for the individual and the society.

Our values
We believe that:
  1. Ethics and values are an integral part of cutting-edge Competitiveness
  2. Honesty and integrity are non-negotiable
  3. Hard work and learning can and should be enjoyable
  4. And that passion, commitment and the single-minded hobby of excellence will make all of us as true leader.
Bapuji Educatonal Association

Bapuji Educatonal Association(Reg)

Bapuji Educational Association (BEA) established in 1958 by group of dedicated philanthropists has developed over the years to be a propulsive educational complex. It has been in the forefront in establishing educational institutions by foreseeing the needs of the people , rural and semi urban with a continuous quest for excellence. To-day BEA has under its network 40 institutions from primary level to post graduate level in diversified disciplines like Medicine ,Dental , Health, Nursing, Pharmacy, Engineering & Technology, Law, Education, Management and Information Technology.

Once known as “Manchester of Karnataka “with many spinning and weaving mills, Davanagere lost its glory after the collapse of Textile industry and would have sunk to obscurity, Thanks to the vision, perseverance and dynamism of Sri Shamanur Shivashanakarappa and his dedicated team of elite and professionals due to which Davanagere could sustain its growth in the filed of educational and industrial activities. Davanagere has become a place to reckon in the educational map of this country due to the exponential growth of BEA. In spite of his deep involvement in the promotion of education , the entrepreneurship of Sri Shamanur Shivashanakrappa has manifested in starting and running successful many Industries in and around Davanagere. Shamanur sugars Ltd., a co generation plant with latest technology, is one amongst them.

The commitment and involvement of Sri S.S.Mallikarjun Joint Secretary, BEA and Ex Hon’ ble Minister for Youth and sports, Govt of Karnataka , in the development activities of the Institutions is equally valuable.

Governing Council

Sri. R Rmanand President
Sri. K A Girijamma Vice President
Dr. Shamanur Shivashankarappa M L A Hon Secretary
Sri. S S Mallikarjun Joint Secretary
Sri. A S Niranjan Trsurer
Sri. A S Veeranna Member
Smt. Prabha Mallikarjun Member
Sri. S S Jayanna Member
Sri.Sampnna Muthalik Member

Dr.Shamanur Shivashankarappa
"Ordinary things done in an extraordinary way make people Great"

As education has become the key to promote participation in today’s global knowledge economy , more and more people are seeking innovations using digital technologies that would facilitate a paradigm shift in education process and outcomes. To this end , educated people need to create a dynamic school environment that will provide its learners the opportunities to explore the potentials of information and communications technology (ICT) and acquire the core competencies required in the 21st century.

We, at Bapuji Educational Association, believe that education is a serious thing for you and for us. On our part, we are committed to quality in every aspect of the process of imparting education . Our curriculum , teaching methods and infrastructure are benchmarked on par with the best Educational Institutes in India. Continuous improvements are being made to take the Association to be one of the best Association in the country. This is reflected in the quality of placements our students are getting.

We seek to develop you to be successful education leaders of tomorrow. But we need your commitment to learn , to imbibe and contribute to the process. We believe that achievement is high when each member of the association does everything he can with out even being required to do so. We believe that your success and the achievements of the Institute synergize in an environment of mutual acceptance, support goodwill and working together.

Joint Secretary
"Ordinary things done in an extraordinary way make people Great"

Providing the knowledge and frame work to meet the varied challenges is the purpose of our BCA Programme. The Programme has great relevance to-day when “competition” is the “buzz word” of the day

Sri Athani S. Veeranna
"Excellence is not a means, it is an end itself"

In today’s society every young man or a woman dreams of becoming an Information Technology Professional. With about 200 institutes offering BCA or similar programs, one often finds him in a state of confusion while deciding which institution to choose. People look at Information Technology colleges from multiple perspectives.

Whatever may be the individual’s goals and aspirations, the bottom line always is , good education. Good education in Institute would mean a system of education that effectively and pragmatically combines theory and practice in order to ensure both rigor as well as relevance, in all of what it accomplished inside the classrooms.

With the environment getting increasingly more turbulent every moment in BIHE, learning to learn and adapting to change have become critical elements for success. Experienced techies know that Education is not about earning another degree or a diploma. It is about broadening the scope of thinking to identify possible challenges and understanding of various issues surrounding any given situation. Students are not only made conscious of these but are also helped to build these abilities in them. Last but not least , a sense of entrepreneurship is also developed in the students of BIHE as it gives the courage to plunge in to the uncertain future of risks and opportunities.

The selection process is transparent, fair and ensures that outstanding young people from among the brightest are selected. The students are provided with a good grounding in the socio –economic-political realities of India and outside world to make them worthy and productive global citizens.

Dr. B. Veerappa
"New series of Global Challenges and Opportunities"

The global economic order , the rapid rate of technological advancement, the information revolution, all have opened new series of challenges as well as opportunities. The ability to innovate and the capacity to adapt to latest technologies are going to be the forte in this century. India’s cherished vision to become super power can only be attained by its large high quality human power. The educational institutions, especially those imparting technical education, have to take the responsibility of developing and nurturing the world class Information technology professionals.

I am proud to be the Principal of one of the Premier technical institutions of the country. BIHE has legacy of contributing to nation’s development by producing highly skilled professionals.